Monday Link Dump
Game of Thrones Recap Roundup: Andy Greenwald for Grantland, Nina Shen Rastogi for New York, Todd VanDerWerff for The A.V. Club (spoilers in this one), and some nitpicking via Wired.
BONUS: How GoT perfects the art of the adaptation, for The Atlantic.
Mad Men Recap Roundup: Matt Zoller Seitz for New York and Molly Lambert for Grantland.
Facebook/Instagram Roundup: Mike Isaac for Wired, Joe Coscarelli for New York, Jenna Wortham for The New York Times, Jessica Guynn for The Los Angeles Times, Shayndi Raice & Spencer Ante for The Wall Street Journal, Hayley Tsukayama for The Washington Post, Matt Honan for Gizmodo, Derek Thompson for The Atlantic, and Bobby Solomon for The Fox Is Black.
Jonah Keri's MLB Power Rankings after the first 3 games for Grantland.
Zach Baron talks Mountain Goats and Tallahassee for The Daily.
Girls Thinkpiece Roundup: Richard Brody for The New Yorker and Margaret Talbot, also for The New Yorker.
Rembert Browne on the joys of overtime and free basketball at Grantland.
Evan Winiker on terrible NBA tattoos for Grantland.
A really sweet camera, over at The Fox Is Black.
Bursts of light/thread, at Fast Co. Design.
Finally, since I don’t have a baseball team and I’m moving to Boston this summer, what better team to claim as my own than the Red Sox? I haven’t listened to this, so not sure about the quality of it, but the B.S. Report is always pretty great - listen to Bill Simmons' Red Sox panic button podcast over at Grantland.

Monday Link Dump